Our goal is to buy what we know we can sell and pay you an attractive price for the items you have to sell. We operate our business with purchasing budgets in place, therefore, we have to manage the volume of purchases on a monthly basis.

Buying quality over quantity is very important to us and our purchasing customers.

Our purchasing customers appreciate the high quality standards we have in place as they know they can purchase anything in our store without worrying about the condition of the items.


  1. Set a drop-off appointment time.

  2. Prepare your items for drop-off based on our requirements and our quality standards. (Please have clothing clean, folded, and in a tub or laundry basket - no need to have on hangers). Please limit the quantity of clothing to your very best 50 items or less.

  3. We prefer to take some high-priced items on consignment, we can discuss the arrangements during your appointment.

  4. Drop your items off on your scheduled date/time.

  5. Approve your price quote. You can elect to receive a check or store credit. You will receive an additional 10% for a store credit option.

  6. Pick-up your check/store credit receipt and any “no thank-you” items. Or we can donate any unwanted items.


APPOINTMENTS ARE MADE ON A DROP-OFF BASIS ONLY.  If you need special consideration of this arrangement, please advise us when your appointment is scheduled. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs; especially if you are traveling a distance to bring your items to us.

We set appointments in order to efficiently manage a quick turnaround time of the purchase of your items and to operate our business with purchasing budgets in place. The drop-off appointment saves you time as we need time to thoroughly inspect the items you bring in against our quality standards and to establish your price quote. In most cases, we will have a price quote back to you the same day, or next day, of your scheduled appointment.

When we set the appointment, we will discuss the items you have to sell and any quantity/quality expectations. This will ensure you only bring in items that we are likely to purchase….this will also save you time and effort in the overall process…and will minimize items that may be returned to you.

Our goal is to present an attractive purchase price back to you as quickly as possible, so your understanding is appreciated.


Clothing items are the bulk of what we purchase. We focus our purchasing on top, name-brand clothing because this is what our buying customers want to buy from us. We will pay you 25-40% of our selling price for your name brand clothing and toys.

What we Buy:

Children's Clothing

(boys & girls)

Clothing general guidelines:
We buy top name brands only.  Please review the list of brands we purchase and do not purchase.
All clothing is purchased on an as-needed basis.  Occasionally, we may be overstocked in certain sizes which could push your appointment out to a future date.  We will let you know this when you call for an appointment.

Clothing quality standards:
All clothing must be “clean” and in “like new, gently worn” condition which means:
• no fading or excessive wear/pilling on the fabrics
• free of stains
• Infant clothing, in particular, must be free of formula/milk stains
• no holes
• no worn knees
• no missing buttons
• no broken zippers
• no hems out
• etc.
Please note that you may have some great brands yet, the style or wear on the clothing may prevent us from accepting them so, please don’t be offended if we have to say “no thank-you” on a few of your items.

Clothing brands we WANT to purchase

Clothing brands we DO NOT purchase

• Abercrombie Kids
• American Eagle
• Baby Lulu
• Carters
• Children’s Place
• Disney
• Flapdoodles
• Gap
• Guess
• Gymboree
• Hartstrings
• Hollister
• Keedo
• Kitestrings
• Lands End
• Levi
• Limited
• Lipstick
• Me Too
• Nike/Reebok/Adidas
• Nordstroms
• OshKosh
• Polo/Ralph Lauren
• Rose Cottage
• Sesame Street
• Talbot Baby/Kids
• Wrangler
• Other Equivalent Designer Brands

• Circo
• Faded Glory
• Garanimals
• George
• Gerber
• Girl/Baby/Kid Connection
• Great Escape
• Hanes
• Healthtex
• High Sierra
• Knit Works
• McKids
• No Boundaries
• Simply Basic


Types of toys we want:
• educational-type toys
• functional/interactive toys
• push/ride-on toys

Brands we prefer to buy:
• Fisher Price
• Little Tykes
• Playskool
• V-Tech
• etc.

Toy quality standards:
Toys must be clean and in "like-new" condition with all parts/pieces intact.
If any items require batteries, they must be included to show that the item is in "working" condition.
We do not purchase "recalled" toys.
Please check the safety of your children's toys at

Baby Equipment

Baby equipment examples:
• Backpack carriers
• Bouncers
• Carriers/slings
• Highchairs
• Pack-n-Play/playpens
• Play/activity mats
• Portable highchairs
• Strollers
• Stroller/car seat travel systems
• Swings
• Baby monitors
• Bottle warmers
• Nursing pillows
• etc.

Baby equipment quality standards:
All items must be clean and in "like-new" and/or "gently used" condition with all parts intact.
All fabrics on the equipment needs to clean and free of stains, holes, or faded fabrics.
If any items require batteries, they must be included to show that the item is in "working" condition.
Bouncers, highchairs, swings, and strollers will not be accepted without their safety straps intact.
Please check the safety of your children's equipment at


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